sscr2.jpg Rural Multidisciplinary Cadastre - Primavera do Leste, MT, Brazil



600_sscr3.jpg Performance of PLN party per city during 2002 Presidential elections - Costa Rica


image25972.gif Land Use and Cover in Mwea Valley, Kenya






Sinoptica is essentially a GIS company.  From the design of the system in terms of hardware and software to the generation, standardization, entry, modeling and analysis of data, we are committed to seeking the best solution for each client.  At Sinoptica we avoid the use of one-size-fits-all technology packages: just as each client is unique, each solution is unique.

If the information you handle is just as important as the location where this information occurs, then you will probably benefit from GIS analysis.  For further information on how we can help you improve your production system, please contact us.

Below are a few GIS (and GIS-based maps) applications performed by Sinoptica:

Route and Network Analysis. An efficient route means rapid execution and cost reduction. This efficiency is result of not only the order in which each point is visited, but also.  Determining flow capacity for each path, identification and assessment of impedance spots, and accident risk analysis, among other affecting factors, are invaluable measures to help determine the best route, and GIS offers the tight tools to get the job done.

Crime Analysis. Crime events follow certain patterns that can be identified by thorough analysis of spatial distribution of existing geographic data. GIS tools the most powerful method to analyze these patterns and to suggest possible prevention and enforcement measures in a timely manner.

Business site location. Choosing the best location for a restaurant or groceries store should take into consideration factors such as existence of competition or synergy, proximity to busy traffic arteries, average income within the neighborhood, and other factors that will vary according to the business activity. The use of empirical analysis for business site selection will add unnecessary risks to the success of the endeavor.  GIS analysis can rapidly and efficiently determine the best options to locate your business.

Real state selection. A family in search for a new home may be interested in being near schools, gyms, groceries stores, ATM's, theaters, restaurants and other features.  The capacity to select potential homes based on spatial analysis of other features may mean the difference between closing or not a deal.  GIS can make in an efficient and rapid manner spatial analysis that otherwise could take lengthy and costly efforts.

Environmental Management. Environmental studies are impacted by several factors, and for most of them their geographic location is just as important as the event itself.  GIS allows for understanding all these factors, how they interact with one another, and how this whole system behaves under different situations, which is essential in order to establish best management practices.