Marine and Coastal

Sinoptica applies technical and scientific expertise towards better understanding and management practices for marine and coastal environments.  We have a solid background in geography, geology, and urban planning, plus involvement in marine conservation programs combined with more than 10 years of experience in marine remote sensing and GIS.  This background has given us the competence to undertake coastal process studies and to assess, map, and analyze the more technically challenging benthic habitat communities.   Previous projects have involved the use of digital airborne and spaceborne data such as topographic and bathymetric LiDAR, Landsat, Ikonos, Quickbird, ASTER, MASTER, MODIS, ADS40, and AISA, among others, together with a wide range of image-processing calibration, filters, enhancements, and classification algorithms.  We have compiled archived imagery and historical data to perform change detection analyses for coastal erosion, coastal vegetation, and reef communities, and we perform coastal-marine connectivity spatial analyses to help understand the influences of their complex interplay in the status of reef communities.

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Connectivity among water, land and atmospheric systems demand multidisciplinary studies for a correct understanding of all factors that directly and indirectly affect them.